Thursday, December 3, 2009

Italian Escapade and More Photo Collaging


For shame! My last post was on the 22nd of October? Oi, school does really make me nonexistent.

Well, I was going to not post until I was done exams, but I figured I'd end up with an obscenely large photo collage (not that that's a problem, since who dislikes food porn?), since goodness knows I'll be taking breaks from studying in order to cook or bake (hopefully cook since baking and studying is a bad combination: I tend to want to eat when I'm studying, which is why I chew loooots of gum during finals. My dentist loves me).

Just a quick update first, though: I went to Italy last week for a two-day conference in the town of Frascati, jsut a half hour away from Rome. It was the fifth regional conference on emigration. I was the youth delegate for Montreal and well over 100 people attended from all over the world. Basically the conference is held in order to help the various Lazio associations around the world (Lazio is the region in Italy in which Rome is found and from which thousands of people have emigrated over the years) find strategies to keep in better contact with the mother region and how to keep customs and traditions alive overseas and throughout the upcoming generations. I ate very well, naturally, since pasta and pizza that are eggless are not at all hard to come by, though I did not have dessert (not a huge deal, since cholesterol-laden croissants and butter-filled cookies are not my bag). I definitely had soy chocolate ice cream on the last day of my trip, though! Allll right. Here are some photos of what I ate:

Ok I'm freaking out because the hotel (which was paid for like the flight was) provided slippers. The hotel was called Villa Vecchia and was enormous, comfortable, and beautiful.
Candies, some of which were vegan, provided in the room of the hotel
Pasta with olive oil, artichoke, and garlic

Ubiquitous yet always delicious grilled veggies

Not the greatest photo but oh my goodness, was this delicious! Grilled veggies on pizza

Blessed chocolate soy ice cream with Claudia :)

Now for images of home-baked goods, that is, baked in my home. Drum roll, please?

Peanut butter cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz for Matt's graduation (I ran short on peanut butter so I added vegan chocolate spread) filled with chocolate icing (left over from my sister's birthday cake)

Godly risotto (base recipe from Vegan Italiano by Donna Klein) with additions by me

Sunny blueberry muffins (recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz from Vegan with a Vengeance) for my yoga class

 Delicious vegan frittata (recipe by Happy Herbivore)

Banana-marshmallow muffins (recipe by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau in The Joy of Vegan Baking), modified by me to include marshmallows! I had no idea that they would explode when I sought to make these today. I guess I have that little experience with marshmallows. But dude, get your hands on some Dandies. These things are amazing and taste just like "regular" marshmallows. No joke.

Breakfast bars (recipe by Happy Herbivore), filled with date puree and vegan chocolate spread

I think that's it for now. I'm off to make dinner now and then to disappear for the next two week, as assignments are due and one exam will require studying for more than a week. The joys of being a university student!

Be blessed, eat well, and happy preparations for the holidays. See you all in two weeks, and I thank you for reading.

Vegan in Suburbia (and beyond)


Deleilan said...

Wow, all that food! My mouth is watering right now, and I have to say that oh-so-simple pasta is getting me inspired!

Babette said...

Wow, that's great food porn! Everything looks amazing.

my empty closet said...

congrats on finishing !!! :) i'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog! your fb food albums always tease me and now i can finally find my way to the recipes !

happy holidays!!