Thursday, October 22, 2009

Viva Granola + Daiya + Pizza in My Tummy = Love

Let the photos speak for themselves. Tasty vegan cheese is finally here.

So it was a simple recipe. I followed Betty Crocker's (haha. My mom has this ancient book with really simple recipes, most of which are easily veganized and sound scrumptious) recipe for whole-wheat crust, threw on some canned tomato sauce (how un-Italian of me, I know) left over in the fridge, sliced mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and Daiya Italian Shreds, and voilĂ : Heaven in pizza form. (Next time, I'm totally putting more cheese.)

By the way, I got my wicked fix of cheese from Viva Granola Vegan Store. Check 'em out!


Vegan in Suburbia


Babette said...

I didn't know they already had Daiya cheese at VivaGranola. I plan on ordering vegan cheese from them soon, but I have no idea which to choose (Cheezly, Daiya or Teese), since I have never tried any of them.

Do you have a favorite amongst them?

Kris said...

Hi Babette!

Thanks for commenting.

They just got Daiya in a few days ago, actually. I've never tried Cheezly, though I've heard that it's quite good. Teese is delicious melted atop pizzas, though I wouldn't eat it just like that. Of course, it depends on your taste preferences, but the mozzarella Teese tasted too much like real cheese for me and somehow became unappealing (strangely enough), yet it was marvelous melted on pizza. I didn't try the Daiya before putting it on my pizza (I learned from my Teese incident) but I can't rave enough about it. It blew me away. I would say Daiya is my favourite. I hope you like it, too. It's not a bad idea to sample the others to see which is your own favourite. Cheers!

Eve Love said...

now that i've seen those macaroni picture, i won't be able to think about anything else for the rest of the day...!
must. try. dayia. cheese.