Thursday, October 22, 2009

Splashing Photos onto a Page with a Few Accompanying Words

Hi, friends!

I hope everyone is having a pleasant week so far. I've been somewhat slaving over an essay that I submitted today (yay!) in my Petrarch and Boccaccio course, so I haven't had time to blog or do anything other than the usual utilitarian stuff on my computer. But here I am, just peeking in to do what the blog title states: splash some photos onto my blog! I just realized that it's 12:30 a.m. (where did the night go?), and after an almost 12-hour day at school, it's probably best I hit the sack sooner rather than later.

So here are photos with brief descriptions :) I guess we could call this a food diary of sorts....

And I ask your forgiveness for my nonexistent photo-taking skills and my ineptitude at figuring out a decent layout for this barrage of photos. Blogger seems to have changed the way photos are added to blog posts and if it was annoying before, it's even more so now. Well, at least Blogger provides me with a free spot for photos....

Fat-free whole-wheat pancakes by Happy Herbivore

(They have an orange tint because I added about a cup of puréed pumpkin to the batter.)
Maple-kissed Pumpkin Muffins by Happy Herbivore, moist and simply lovely. (Make the pumpkin variation of the sweet-potato recipe.)


Individual Pumpkin Muffin, about to be kissed by me!

Maple-kissed Sweet Potato Muffins by Happy Herbivore. These guys smell suspiciously of bran muffins, and I am in love with this characteristic of them. (As a kid, I somehow loved bran--I've always been special--and would relish eating the muffin top off bran muffins my mum used to buy. This muffin allows me to reminisce, even though it's a lot healthier than the bran muffins my mum and I used to consume.)

Two mildly different angles for this fabulous Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I made this for Thanksgiving at Matt's house. It pleased me that his family went crazy for it, because no one in my family likes pumpkin pie. It's quite satisfying to bake something with seasonal ingredients, so I guess that's the main reason why I baked this, even though I'm not crazy about pumpkin pie myself. For tradition's sake (tradition set by whom?), it's worth it. And darned good with vanilla ice cream, even though all the supermarkets either didn't carry or were out of soy ice cream. Weird! That never happens....

Maritsa and her family had recently ordered a whole bunch of Indian food, and she was telling me that they ordered vegetarian shahi korma at my favourite (Indian) restaurant ever, Pushap. I tried Indian food for the first time when I went vegan six years ago, so I'd never tried shahi korma before because of the cream it contains. So, Maritsa, brilliant as she is and confident in my optimism (maybe not in my ability, though) to veganize dishes, challenged me to create a vegan shahi korma dish. So together we did some research and found zero results for vegan recipes. So I gathered inspiration and compared and combined recipes from a few sites, mixed and matched some cream replacements--namely, plain soy yogourt and a can of coconut milk--, used veggie broth, added soy curls for extra protein (and to mimic whatever meats can be in shahi korma. Gross that they use lamb), and added some baguette bread for good measure. It was ridiculously tasty, and although my sister said it did not taste like "the real thing," she went for seconds, and that's as good a compliment as any. Oh, and please excuse the photos. It doesn't make for a very appetizing-looking dish, but trust me--it is.

These doughnuts were godly. They are Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Doughnuts by VeganYogini. I used Cocoa Camino Dark Chocolate with Orange Zest. They were so good that my uncle insisted on taking three home. And he did. In the first photo they are naked; in the second, they are dressed in pumpkin glaze.

Scrumptious Mushroom Stroganoff à la Happy Herbivore. It didn't last very long at Thanksgiving among the vegans.

Maple-glazed Veggies by Happy Herbivore (I used butternut squash and soy curls). This was awesome--simply said! I'd never had butternut squash before, and I have to say that this was a very pleasant way to eat it.

It's hard to tell by looking at it like this, but this Apple-Pecan Crumble was splendid. The recipe is in The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
This is my Thanksgiving plate that I didn't think I would finish. And this is proof that I am better as a cook or baker than as attractive dining company. Hmm.

 My very content vegan lover (he is wearing his glorious Battlestar Galactica t-shirt--that I have as well! Frakking right!) and, in the next photo, a happy veggie sister with a sneaky-looking me.

And, last but not least...

I finished my plate! (and had a wicked workout the following day)

Thanks for reading :) and have a pleasant rest of the week,

Vegan in Suburbia

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