Thursday, October 8, 2009

Early October Dinner and German Apple Cake


I'm in the midst of doing research prior to writing an essay on Francesco Petrarca's Canzoniere, so this post will have to be short and sweet. I will actually keep to my word, because "I'll keep it short and sweet" is usually followed by a novel. (It's true.)

Last night, before going to bed, I received an e-mailed newsletter from the lovely Susan Lowry at, talking about a new recipe on her web site. Whenever I scan a new recipe, the first thing I do is take a mental inventory of which of the ingredients I have on hand. For ths recipe, I had everything, and it was an Indian recipe with lots of spices, so the fact that I had every ingredient was, well, freakin' awesome. I had to make a few tweaks, though, because I had lots of cauliflower and no black beans, so I replaced the original broccoli with cauliflower and used cannellini beans in the place of black beans.

As an accompanying side dish, I made a salad with my Nonna's bitter lettuce from her garden with a Maple Sesame dressing from Vegan Yumyum, which I received in the mail on Tuesday. I didn't take photos because this salad of tomatoes, bean sprouts, black olives, and sesame seeds really looked like any other, but I promise you that it was delicious.

I whipped all of this up especially because my Mum had worked outside all day, uprooting flowers in the garden in preparation for winter, and she was tired; my sister would be getting home only at 7 after a dentist appointment after work, so I was eager to let them do the least work possible (though I did insist she do the dishes).

So, without further ado, the recipes and the photos.

Broccoli black bean and rice curry
(I served mine atop prepared millet I had in the freezer)
Vegan Yumyum's web site (for info on where to get the book--the recipe is not listed there. Sorry!)
And, as a bonus, since I had no time the other day to document my creation for the Vegan Bake Sale at Concordia on Wednesday, here are photos of very pretty apple cakes. The recipe is by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and is in her cookbook The Joy of Vegan Baking. The recipe is so simple that after making it once, I memorized the recipe. And it's so deliciously simple that I've made this cake six times since I went apple-picking two weeks ago. So, feast your eyes on German Apple Cake. (I made two, and you'll notice that the circular one is darker on one side: that's because my Mum--well, who doesn't?--prefers the cake with extra brown sugar and cinnamon on top.)

Have a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving long weekend to all you Canadians ;)

Vegan in Suburbia

P.S. Short and sweet?! Oi, I fail!

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