Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hello there!

The Vegan in Suburbia is about to leave... suburbia. Yes, it is true; no, I am not moving out, but I am leaving. I am heading to Italy on a flight that leaves this evening at 19.50 from Montreal and I will be returning the morning of the 29th of August. It'll be quite the trip! Three and a half weeks of relaxation, family visits, and yes, 15 days of Italian courses. I'm curious to see where they'll place me in terms of competence in Italian; I hear there are only three levels. I'm done my grammar studies at Concordia, so, well, we'll see. I'll be posting on here whenever I get access to a computer. I'll be studying at l'Università di Cassino, and residing in the city of Cassino, which is about 1.5 hours away from Rome. In Rome I should be able to find Internet cafés, if not in Cassino itself.

So, that's pretty much it! I'm looking forward to constant sunny weather there, since this rainy summer in Montreal has been quite a drag. This really isn't normal. And yes, I have brought my SPF 45 sunscreen so that I may return as pasty as I was when I left. Ha!

And Matthew and I have exchanged rings... you know, the kind that demonstrate there is a future together.


Lots of love, and arrivederci,

Vegan in Suburbia

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