Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Because I feel like it

Ciao a tutti!

Tutti? Who's "everyone"? I guess I'm starting this off just for myself, and if anyone feels inclined to read it, then I'm all the luckier. Welcome, nonetheless.

I used to have a blog. There was no order to it, though. I'm probably fooling myself by thinking that this one will be any different, but I do have goals for Vegan in Suburbia.

First of all, why such short paragraphs? Because I feel like it. Second of all, why Vegan in Suburbia? Because I think that that kind of sums me up well, though, despite my dislike of such constricting and restricting labels. But really, this is how I see it: I'm a vegan, and I live in suburbia. That's messed up. No, really, it is. I guess it really depends on the city in which you live, and maybe even the country, but I see veganism as a type of urban phenomenon. Here's an example, and a bad example at that, to illustrate my point: I'm eating a salad right now (yay for cliché number 1!). It has mixed organic greens, flax seeds, sesame seeds, soy sauce (I like using soy sauce instead of just putting salt on my salad), olive oil, chopped mushrooms, organic avocado slices, organic cherry tomato slices, and (my favourite part) fake chicken pieces. Now even the supermarket (bless you, Loblaws) nearby sells fake chicken strips, but they are nowhere nearly as godly (yes, I do often use this adjective to describe food, and most often to describe only food) as the ones they sell in N.D.G. at a godly (oh, exception to the rule) little place called Fleur Sauvage. This fake chicken tastes like actual chicken (not that I'm looking for chicken taste, but I'm stating a quality), it's relatively pricey (but oh-so-worth it), and it actually tastes good (unlike the one from Loblaws which tastes good only if you fry it up or smother it in mushed avocado. Mmm... avocado...). All that just to say that if you want the good stuff, you usually have to step out of the West Island, the part of Montreal where I reside. Plus, there is only one entirely vegetarian restaurant (as far as I know, and I've been living here all my life, 5 years of which I've been vegan), the godly (again!) Indian restaurant called Pushap; of course, you have to head downtown and further east if you want vegetarian or even vegan restaurants. So, I thought Vegan in Suburbia would suit me quite nicely, don't you think? (Maybe Parentheses Abuser would suit me better....)

So I shall sum up my goals for this, and let's see how far I stray; I'd like to

  • chit-chat about vegan life on the dark side;
  • show off photos of baking and cooking projects, successes, and (occasional) mishaps and failures;
  • express my love and devotion to new and exciting vegan products;
  • annoy and intrigue everyone with random interjections in various languages (I study Italian and Spanish, and I live in a primarily French-speaking city, so sometimes expressions in those languages come to me more fluidly than they do in English... or I'll just use those languages when I feel like hiding things from the reading public.... There's always electronic translation, but that's no fun);
  • spread the word about yummy things my mum and my boyfriend's mum and other non-vegans have cooked up for us, because those around me who make a special effort to veganize food deserve my adoration (my boy is a convert! And his mummy loves us so she makes us nice food, like, really nice food);
  • gossip about my boy, that crazy Matt, because there's never a dull moment when I hang out with my love;
  • talk about animals, especially my dog, Brandy, because she's great;
  • post poetry;
  • ponder life and grammar, for I love life, and I love grammar;
  • reminisce and keep my father's memory alive, for he passed away in December 2007, and I miss him very much;
  • tell you what I'm up to in general. Period. Just because I feel like it.
And yes, I like Green Day. But I am not Jesus. Brian is.

I hope you enjoy, and that I don't abandon this after just one post. Oi!

Vegan in Suburbia

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