Friday, May 30, 2008

Argh! Too much sauce!... or too little salad?

Ok, so, remember in my first post when I said that I would share my failures? Well, here's one. I've been making these wicked salads as of late, with avocado and mushrooms and spinach leaves and flax seeds and sesame seeds and olives and fake meat of some sort, plus a dressing made of soy sauce and olive oil, to be simple. Well! Today, when preparing this salad for work, I totally didn't put enough salad in the container, and I totally put too much sauce. The result? Really slimy salad that's been overpowered by soy sauce. Merda! Sigh.

On the plus side, I went to Aux Vivres last night, my favourite vegan restaurant in all of Montreal. Magnifique! I went with some friends who'd never eaten in a vegan restaurant before, and they all enjoyed it. I was happy. :-)

That is all. I'm gonna force myself to finish off my salad. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and his friend are having Thai food right now, just down the street.... Grrrr...

Vegan in Suburbia

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